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For the first time ever, we offer the most complete archive of sex offender listings anywhere.  More importantly, we have compiled this history of sex crimes and criminals, and are placing it in your hands.  We have preserved records that go beyond anything you’ve ever seen — records that hold the entire truth about the dangers of sex crimes in the U.S.  SexCrimeData is offering  an opportunity to own this archive and become the source of this vital information … Our total archive loaded on an secure external hard drive — to use as you see fit in your business, your school, church, your website, your smartphone applications, and a whole lot more and a very reasonable price.

The Need For Archived Data Is Clear …

What makes the SexCrimeData Archive so valuable is that it secures past information that is, in time deleted or unavailable on online registries.  How many times have you heard horror stories of criminals who committed crimes against a community that was unaware of their past.  Other web searches, websites and registry services are limited, poorly organized and outdated.  Now you can be in possession of the only known record with NO expiration dates, NO omissions and NO limits.  Team with us and we will send you our complete SCD Archive on hard disk, Immediately!  Once in your hands, the opportunity and options for this resource is incredible.  We offer an exclusive on the most comprehensive way to share the threat of sex offenders, criminals and predators — that has EVER been compiled! 

Make a Difference … The Advantage is Yours!

If you are reading this, you probably already understand the importance of  the negative impact convicted sex offenders have in our society. shares your concerns and is taking an unprecedented step toward helping you inform and protect your community. Don’t let potential criminals slip through the cracks — we give you the ultimate tool to find the potential dangers quickly with up-to-date searches of the ever-changing listings of sex criminal profiles.   There is a great demand for the archive of sex crimes — from Developers of software and apps, corporate concerns, news media, education organizations, the legal community, churches and more.  To take advantage of this market, you must offer something different — something better.  By owning this information, you can become a valuable resource of information not available anywhere else.  If this exclusive opportunity is compelling to you,  click here  to explore our site and learn first hand how you can benefit by owning this valuable archive!


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