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We pride ourselves for having the worlds largest privately owned database of enhanced archive sex offenders. SCD helps you offer higher-quality archived data to expand your development goals.  If you are developer, you understand the problems with relying on outside resources.  Inconsistent availability, incomplete information and poorly organized material can greatly reduce the quality of your end product.

Eliminate the “middle-man” and control your own data.  We supply you with the most comprehensive archive of sex crime, anywhere.  Turn this valuable tool into real opportunity, Call 1-800-580-7563



Full Database 800,000 Records:  Inquire Here  | Updates: Quarterly

Per pull options:

By State:  399.00 (you can add more states at any time)

By Entire City: 129.00 (Comes On Personal Thumb drive)

By Zip Code:   Up to 5 Zip Codes  199.00 (Comes On Personal Thumb drive)

Radius Pull:   50 miles from a specific address:  299.00 (Comes On Personal Thumb drive)

Mailing Lists Available: Inquire Here


A one-time investment in this valuable database can provide endless opportunity.  Savvy developers like you can turn the growing public demand for this information into profit and service.  This archive can provide the quintessential basis for websites, tablet and phone apps, background check databases, online services, etc.  Private and public organizations such as corporations, small business, news media outlets, education administrators, the legal community, churches and more!


Updates When is data updated?

The update schedule for this data can vary. In the vast majority of cases, data updates are on a 120 day basis, which is our minimum schedule. Please note that the number of days listed for an update is the ‘minimum’ days. Just because a product is listed on a 120 day schedule for example, does not mean that it is exactly 120 day’s and that’s it. If there are high volumes of activity additions, changes or deletions updates occur more frequently. Note that this data includes Master Rights license is the only license available for this data. That means the data belongs to you and updates are an additional cost and are optional.

Formats What file formats are available?

Each configured drive includes CSV or, MySQL Dump .pdf and a user friendly stand alone search functions

Can I download a database?

Do to the file size of this database and to retain reliability and security of data we can only ship the data on a media. This also ensures a hard copy backup of your data.

Fields What data fields come with each database?

I am working on this

Delivery How do I get my data?

All purchases via USPS Priority Mail or UPS/FEDEX. With this service, packages reach their destination in 2-3 days within the US, and 5-7 days abroad. Please note that this does not reflect time for Customs delays.
Upon receiving your shipment and signing for the package you will need to acknowledge the delivery online and will be issued a code to unlock the media to verify your delivery. Once you have your code the data is yours to use as you like.

Privacy What is your privacy policy?

Short Answer, your data and personal information is NOT sold, loaned or shared. Our full privacy policy can be found here that goes into further detail.

Returns What is your return policy?

Our full refund and return policy can be found here

Development Can I use the data online?

The databases available for sale on this site have been assembled in order to help you with your new or existing website or application that requires a set of data you would like to work with in order to make it functional, or add new content or functionality. You can use the data any way you like both online and offline.

What forms of payment do you accept?

For fill data purchases payment options are Check (mail in or online check), Bank Wire for city/state/zip purchases you may use a credit card   If you would like to request one of these payment methods, simply select the option when placing your order.

What If I Am NOT A Developer?

Your data will also work as a standalone plug and play search tool which you can plug directly into your PC or Network with access to the built in user friendly interface. great for schools,workplace,and add on for screening services and so on.